Robot Love Maps January 22-30

Once we announce the secret location of Robot Love v.2.0, we will post maps here. We understand that humans can easilly become nervous or frightened when they haven't been instructed where to go.

We will also provide a map of the factory itself... after all, in an 18,000 sq. ft. facility filled with art, music, and love it is quite easy to get lost forever... This map will include easy to process directions to all sectors of the factory, including art intake zones, music production facilities, and human fueling stations (cash bars & food vendors), as well as liquid draining facilities (bathrooms).

Construction of the factory has begun. Please stand by for updates.

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Human Registration

Robot Love v.2.0 | Jan 22-30
Metro West Plaza
3030 W. New Haven Ave. West Melbourne, FL 32904

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